Capture the essence of moments through my pure vision, akin to an analog photograph. Here, it’s the vision that truly matters, not the medium.

©Mattia Donà

Mehrta is an Art-Scientist based in Vienna who was born and raised in Tehran. She expresses her narratives through artworks and event curation.

Her storytelling journey began in early childhood, concurrently narrating tales that were transcribed by her mother. Over time, her aspiration evolved to convey narratives not only through conventional language but also through more abstract forms.

Mehrta, currently pursuing a doctorate and conducting research at the Vienna Biocenter, delves into the realm of scientific pursuits. In this context, where individual worth is often tied to professional achievements, she navigates a relentless intellectual journey that may sometimes make individuals feel like replaceable components in the machinery of production. Despite this, Mehrta emphasizes the paramount importance of community and shared benefits. Using mathematics and computer science, she unravels secrets in the natural sciences, bridging gaps with imaginative insights. These disciplines not only serve as academic tools but also as lenses through which she interprets the complexities of the natural and modern world. Mehrta’s unique academic background provides her with a distinctive perspective on human dynamics and interactions within intricate settings.

Mehrta draws profound inspiration from observing how humans interact with diverse environments, information, and entities, including their interactions with themselves.  This fascination extends to her exploration of the body as an interface for human interaction with the environment. Delving into its pivotal role in shaping our experiences, connections, and its profound relationship with the concept of freedom, a notion she deeply respects above all in the world, viewing it as an essential component of societal liberation.

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