Curating is the art of choosing and blending materials into your own narrative. Whether crafting art exhibitions or vibrant events, each tale is an artful creation, allowing participants the freedom to chart their own reading path.

From Inspiration to Creation

Biology and art have shared a long and complex relationship with renowned artists drawn inspiration from early biological discoveries. Since the emergence of the bio art movement, biology has served as a wellspring of inspiration for artistic expression. However, in recent years, due to technological advancements, media art has taken a distinct trajectory, allowing for the creation of novel life forms and giving rise to the field of bio-media. This transformation signifies a significant shift in the dynamic between biology and art, as it now moves in the opposite direction. In this group exhibition, our aim is to explore this relationship, spanning from its traditional source of inspiration to the realm of boi-media, where art gives birth to entirely new entities.

November 2023

John Pett

Luis Miguel Cerron Alvan

Matthias Ramsey

Mehdi Khosouei

Mehdi Rahimi

Mehrsa Shirzadian

Paul Knabl

Paula Flores

Philipp Dexheimer

Sana Habibi Rad

Stephanie Eder

Ulises Rey

Verena Baumann

Mehta Shirzadian

Eleni Angelopoulou

Oi Pui Hoang

Mehrta Shirzadian 

Mattia Donà

Jazz and Painting

In the words of Karl Jaspers, “A pearl born in the anguish labor of the wound.” Within the context of our scientific endeavors, our worth as individuals is often measured by the labor of our professional achievements—a tireless intellectual pursuit that, paradoxically, can make us feel like replaceable components in the machinery of production. The wounds are palpable, yet we often choose to avert our gaze, avoiding a deeper acknowledgment.

However, looking away is not an option. Let us acknowledge the birth of this metaphorical pearl by actively immersing ourselves in its vibrant hues and harmonious melodies, expressing our feelings through painting. Our uniqueness and irreplaceability as individuals, each offering a distinct perspective, are the very elements that render our community and this painting beautiful.

This collaborative effort will result in a painting, that serves as a social sculpture that values the contributions of each participant. It will serve as the foundation for the graphic design of an upcoming art exhibition, celebrating the intrinsic value of every individual’s input. In our shared pursuit of knowledge, every perspective adds richness to the narrative.

Mehrta and Mattia

(As part of the mental health campaign at the Vienna-Biocenter Scientific Institute)

October 2023

Mattia Donà

Mehta Shirzadian

Mattia Donà

Mehrta Shirzadian 

Vienna Sock Exchange

The 26th of May marked a historic and joyous occasion for sock enthusiasts in Vienna as they gathered at Cafe 7*Stern for the first official Vienna Sock Exchange. This unique celebration aimed to end the marginalization of single socks and highlight the individual beauty of each and every sock.

The event kicked off with the exciting Single Sock Herzblatt Dating, where about 25 people participated in the quest to find perfect sock pairs. The charismatic contestants, including the illustrious Mehrta Shirzadian and Anton Parinov, engaged in a lively matchmaking session. The atmosphere was further enhanced by the tunes of DJ Ümit and the witty moderation of Leonhard Horstmeyer, also known as Leo Marlo.

The highlight of the event was the showcasing of incredible sock fashion, featuring models Isabel, Leo Marlo, Mehrta, and Ned Stranger. The latter not only strutted down the runway but also serenaded the audience with a heartfelt song about losing a loved one – in this case, a beloved sock.

Adding a creative touch to the event, an exhibition displayed Leo Marlo’s embalmed single sock and Mehrta Shirzadian’s sock heaven, creating a visual feast for all attendees. The gathering truly emphasized the uniqueness and worth of every single sock, fostering a sense of appreciation for these often-overlooked accessories.

With the Vienna Sock Exchange, the organizers successfully created a platform where socks took center stage, breaking free from the shadows of pairs and embracing their individuality. May this celebration be a reminder that every sock is indeed beautiful and worthy of recognition, ensuring that the 26th of May remains etched in the collective sock memory of Vienna.

The first Vienna Sock Exchange

Leonhard Horstmeyer

Leonhard Horstmeyer

Mehrta Shirzadia

Ümit Seren

Leonhard Horstmeyer

Mehrta Shirzadia

Art-Science Fusion

Expert panelists navigated the enthralling relationship between art and science, sharing unique strategies for fostering meaningful dialogue. They underscored the profound benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration, emphasizing how it enriches creativity and propels innovation.

Attendees delved into the intricacies of modern science communication, gaining valuable insights into conveying complex ideas effectively. The concept of the ‘third space,’ where art and science intersect, was a focal point, offering a glimpse into the birthplace of novel perspectives and breakthroughs.

Mehrta Shirzadian(Chair)

Martin Reinhart 

Martina Fröscl 

Jörg Menche

Dorotea Fracchiolla

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

Diverse Cinematic Exploration

Embarking on a year-long cinematic journey curated by Igor and me, our audience played a pivotal role in shaping our film series. The collaborative spirit culminated in a spectacular finale on November 15th.

From the nostalgic charm of “Cinema Paradiso” to the revolutionary energy of “Breathless” and the haunting beauty of “Thirst,” each film in our series contributed to a tapestry of cinematic experiences. Our audience was actively engaged, helping us select and appreciate gems such as “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the heartwarming “Tokyo Story,” and the culinary delight “Tampopo.”

We delved into the nuances of “That Kind of Summer,” the psychological depth of “The Piano Teacher,” the unsettling journey in “Antichrist,” the poetic storytelling of “Moonlight,” and the enchanting world of “Spirit of the Beehive.”

The pinnacle of our series was the finale, co-organized by Farja Farja AYALA, featuring “Rubikon.” This event was accompanied by an illuminating Q&A session with director Leni Lautrisch. Following the screening, our tradition of critical discussions allowed participants to share their thoughts and interpretations.

Igor Asanovic 

Mehrta Shirzadian

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