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I derive immense joy from witnessing the evolution of ideas through engaging in discussions and collaborative efforts with others. The fusion of two perspectives creates a unique third space! Envision the myriad spaces that unfold when a third person joins – a total of 6! There’s no denying that more minds lead to merrier outcomes. Explore my artworks here, delve into my outlook, and feel free to reach out if you resonate with an idea or have one to share. Whether for collaboration or a fruitful discussion, I’m looking forward to connecting.

Boundaries of Visualization

Conventional imaging techniques used in molecular biology often yield unclear and blurry images unless we employ enhanced lighting techniques and control the behavior of light-emitting molecules. To reconstruct the full image and observe fine details, we need to analyze extensive datasets using statistical methods.
In the “Boundaries of Visualization” exhibit, we translate data sets from a novel microscopy technique called MINFLUX into a musical representation using a piano. This interaction results in harmonious sounds and a three-dimensional visualization of the distribution of two different proteins involved in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases within human skin cell mitochondria.
Mitochondria are particularly fascinating because they were once believed to have originated through a process called biogenesis. Many research findings suggest that mitochondria were originally separate organisms that were absorbed by single-celled organisms to form a cooperative community. This collaboration enabled the development of more complex life forms. This idea, based on symbiogenesis (as proposed by Lynn Margulis), represents a shift away from the traditional evolution model based on competition. It is also symbolized by combining detailed skin images of different individuals participating in Schmiede 2023. The boundaries will shift further.

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Martina Fröschl

Peter Mindek

Mehrta Shirzadian

Heart of Exhibition

The “Heart of the Exhibition” art piece is composed of a camera system that captures every detail of the exhibition space, including the movements of the audience. This footage is then analyzed by an advanced neural network that employs AI technology to translate the overall mood of the exhibition into an immersive sound and visual experience. By showcasing exhibitions as social spaces and highlighting the impact of human interaction within them, the ‘Heart of the Exhibition’ art piece seeks to emphasize the significance of face-to-face engagement in contrast to online events.

Through its unique perspective, the artwork celebrates the power of human interaction and its transformative influence on the exhibition experience. It invites viewers to contemplate the profound connections that arise when individuals come together physically, fostering a genuine sense of community and shared experiences that cannot be replicated in virtual settings. By juxtaposing this celebration of human interaction with the machine’s viewpoint, the artwork prompts us to reconsider the role of artificial intelligence and technology in shaping our experiences.

Simultaneously, the “Heart of the Exhibition” provides us with an opportunity to question the ability of artificial intelligence to objectively assess human emotions. It challenges us to reflect on the limitations and biases that may arise when relying solely on AI technology for emotional interpretation. It also rethinks the usage of technology often employed by totalitarian institutions.

Mehrta Shirzadian

Mehrsa Shirzadian

Sock Heaven

Ever wondered where those elusive missing socks end up? What about the lonely sock left behind – can it find a companion among the strays? And do the missing pairs even exist in the first place? These curious questions, inspired by the captivating melody of Vinicio Capossela’s “Il paradiso dei calzini,” sparked the creation of my artistic project, affectionately named “Sock Heaven.”

Picture this whimsical sanctuary as a place where lost socks discover peace, fully embracing their uniqueness and relishing the simple pleasures of existence. The core of the installation includes a captivating video projected onto a wall, accompanied by carefully adorned socks adorned with delicate glass particles. These socks gracefully dangle in front of the projector, casting enchanting shadows in their celestial realm.

As you engage with this display, consider the mystery: are the socks genuinely present in the heavenly space, or do they exist only as dreamy shadows?

Mehrta Shirzadian

Data Mirage

In a world intimately entwined with technology, data is the raw material of our digital existence. It’s quantified, collected, and presented in endless streams, but do we truly grasp its essence? As the flood of data surrounds us, its true meaning often remains just beyond our reach.

Inspired by “Homo Insectus” by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, we have taken their form and created an installation that questions the meaning of data. Envision peering through a microscope at a plate of worms, linked to a computer. The device projects their nuanced movements onto a wall, utilizing real-time imagery captured by a camera to shape the worms in a simulation that mirrors your face. The pivotal question emerges: What do we truly perceive—pure reality, manipulated data, or perhaps just a mirage—when observing these worms through the microscope?

Ulises Rey

Mehrta Shirzadian


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